The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
2001-08-07 23:05:09 (UTC)

Its Time To Face The Music

Ok well first off Im very confused right now.

Im gonna take this nice and slow and think it out. I have
a lot to say and Im not sure how to say it. Okay well
first... Will if you read this give me a call or Im or
something cause i need to talk to you about things that
have been bugging me.

Kay second. Im scared to death of my senior year. Is this
normal. I mean god 13 years of my life will be over when
im done with it all. I mean wow thats a long time. Its
really scary.

Third Im so excited. I cant believe tommarow it will have
been half a year since me and Tricia have been going out.
I mean wow. Thats a very long time. Well I gtg people.

To tricia I love you.

Everyone else