Chickadee's Place
2001-08-07 23:00:17 (UTC)

A New Beginning


This is the first entry in this online diary - "Chickadee's
Place." There will not be much in this entry as my time
today is limited. But I did want to start things off & get
it going. Come back, though, please, & you will get to know
me. You won't find me the most open & willing to share of
people, but I will write openly and honestly about things
that are not too private for me. I am a deeply private &
personal person; however, there are things that I will
always be open and willing to talk/write about - my
relationship with God (I am a Christian who is not ashamed
of it), my family (except for our secrets), my friends, &
some other things. This makes things rather interesting for
people trying to get to know me, & I have been told this -
quite unabashedly by some people, actually. :)

Well, I really must run, but, if there's anyone else
reading this, please come back & I'll let you get to know
me - slowly, bit-by-bit, little-by-little, etc. :) I'm
enjoying the journey I'm on, & I honestly hope you enjoy it
with me.