ryan YC schim

how ryans been doin lately?
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2002-10-25 06:38:59 (UTC)

tonight sucked ASS!

lets see, kickback at balbers...cancelled, deja vu with
ruth and courtney...cancelled, i get sarah, talk to her,
she tells me the kickback is still gonna happen, we get
there NO ONE is there after i tell her it isnt gonna
happen, nope doesnt belive me,courtney calls me n gets
pissed cause sarah doesnt wanna go to rowland heights, i
fuckin hate rowland heighst, i lived there for 13 years, i
dont like goin back, i only go back cause other wanna go n
he gest mad at her for sayin she doesnt wanna go then he
wont talk to me, what the fuck...so then we see cool andy
johnson whos a fuckin faggot, n yah, i hope u read this
sometime, u are a dick suckin faggot n no one likes u!
next on my list to be pissed at, i get called from my
parents n get bitched at for my outrageous phone bill, do
if i dont call u, yah...whatever, then then...when im out
with sarah shes upset so i comfort her cause i care for
her, after that she gets "bored" n shiet so i go get some
food but now im pissed off cause im jus myself and i feel
like shit, she goes into in and out and talks to a bunch
of guys, comes back out, im fuckin depressed off my
ass...im supposed to be her "best friend" and she isnt
there for me, last time she wasnt there for me, what the
fuck, she claims shes my best friend, best friends try to
help each other, put effort into it, i mean shit, she was
mad n sad i made her smile and got her back on her feet,
she says whats wrong...whats wrong...wow great effort...i
give it a D, then she goes back in and flirts with a bunch
of guys, comes back out, blah blah blah, whats
worng...whats wrong, goes back in and flirts with guys,
comes out...aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh screaming cause shes
happy...whats wrong...whats wrong...wow anything else u
wanna add right now? then one guy comes out to leave and
she runs up n gives him some huge ass hug while im sitting
there totally pissed off...im like, u should be there for
your "best friend" and she says dont use it in quotes...i
say "why you have so many of them" n gets pissed off n
says take me home, so i did...i got from her house to my
house after i dropped her ass off in bout 7 minutes, thats
an average of 60 miles an hour...i think i can believe it,
i for the first time shifted into 5th on the street n went
as fast as i could in the lil samurai, im still so upset,
after TRYING to say something else to her online, all she
can say is "im pissed 2" and "im sorry sheesh" n thats
it...god damnit i wish i had some people in my life that
could make me feel better right now, whatever, im so mad
right now, im fuckin sad and mad and confused and fucked
over for the next who knows how long, im outa here,
expecting a phone call from shy since i cant call her
anymore, this will be fun now, well goodbye everyone that
actually reads this (all 2 of u) renob in your back
sarah...renob in your back