My sO caLLeD LifE
2001-08-07 22:41:01 (UTC)

Very first entry...6:35pm 8/7/01

I don't know what to really say. I'm glad to finally have a
job. Summer is almost ending. School is almost starting.
Last year in highschool is gonna be a blast, but what am I
going to do after highschool. I have absolutely no idea. I
like my job, but it's hard to have fun now. Because
everybody else works. I want to have fun before school
starts!!!! Urghh...I want to party or something! I'll even
get drunk! I don't care! Anything! I want to go to a city or
a dance club or meet a guy that likes me. I just want one
last bit of fun before school starts. Summer is suppose to
be fun. Most the guys I work with are incredibly hot, but I
don't have any time to get to know them or talk to them. My
best friend has an opposite schedule from mine because she
works the grave yard shift at her job. It sucks becuase I
don't get to hang out with her when I want to. Whenever she
is off or even awake I have to go to work or something. My
braces are going off in 8 months. Thank god for that. I hope
my teeth look better. Ahhhhh...I'm gonna be a senior. I'm
excited! I'm scared too. I don't know what I'm going to do
after. I don't even know if I'm going to graduate on time. I
better. I'm not sure if the classes I have in my schedule
will give me enough credits to graduate. Hopefully I DO. If
not, I'm going to take fall classes or something. I'm gonna
work my ass off. I have to graduate! NO MATTER WHAT!!!! & I
have to find me a man. Not just any man.....a good man for
once. A nice, sweet, cute, mature, understanding,
open-minded, thoughtful guy that doesn't care about sex and
doesn't make me feel uncomfortable. Someone that I can be
myself around. I hope I get a good pay check. Tomorrow
better be my payday! All I know is that tomorrow I have the
day off. Thank god.........