John's thoughts
2001-08-07 22:33:05 (UTC)


What a night! Right before i had to leave work last night
at 8pm i mentioned to Alice that i am not going into the
Marines, then i asked her to come with me to Shari's at 11
when she got off. She said ok, and i could tell me saying i
wasn't going in the Marines made her think. So I came at 11
and we talked and joked around at Shari's until about 1am.
This time was different than the first time. She talked
about more personal things. And when we were talking about
shaving she reached over and felt my chin for the spot
where i hadn't shaved quite that great. Then i reached over
later to pat her on the back, for doing something well.
(lol...don't quite remember what it was.) Then i held her
hand and attempted to palm read.....all it really was, was
me testing whether or not she wanted physical contact with
me. shoot...i g2g.....i will update this after work today.