One hell of a life
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2002-10-25 04:10:21 (UTC)

10-25-02 entry two

Well I'm in I.T....tonight's the big night, we're going to
Stage again. I know I mentioned that like twice already
yesterday but I can't wait. I guess im gonna wear my
halter-neck red top and wear my black jeans with the lace
at the top...not that anyone needed to know that.

Anyway Eric called the other was great talking
to him again...I hadn't seen him since before summer, and
THEN the next day he was in my compound in some car. It was
cool talking to him again...he's great, the kind of guy who
will always make you laugh even when he doesn't mean to...or
by being incredibly subtle...his girlfriend dumped
him and was totally cruel about it so he's kind of depressed

There are unbelievably no hot guys around...well there's
always josh and shaun, but they're in SAS and shaun has a

Talked to my cousin last night, i pretty much miss austria
loads, and the times we used to wait until 3:00 a.m. to sneak
downstairs and eat all the food. Cause my cousin lived in a
restaraunt with the house upstairs. I still can't believe
they sold the restaraunt.

Gonna go, write more later about Stage.

Later on...

It's only 5:00 so we haven't even gone to Stage yet. I just
had a shower, and i'm all dressed up, ready to go. And I've
got a couple of hours to go yet.

Well anyway, I guess I'd better go finish getting ready,
lois will be here at six...and then we'll drag our asses to
Diva's party and eat all the food before we go to Stage...