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2002-10-25 03:56:30 (UTC)

a little bit of happiness

i'm actually pretty happy right now. i have the second part
on my british lit. midterm tomarrow, i havent had time to
study yet and i bombed the 1st part on wed.(i seriously
didnt know any of it, and it was almost all fill in the
blank....) anyway to the good part. for my online class, we
had to critique someone elses short story. we had to pick
the one we liked best. i did my final short story in a
hurry so i was very unhappy with my work( i got a 25/30
which is actually much better then i expected to get)
anyway, i knew no one would pick mine becuase there were
others that were so much better. well, i just finished my
critique of someone elses( only wrote 700 words :( its
supposed to be 800 but i couldnt come up with anymore, and
i was due by midnite tonite....its now quarter of midnite,
so i had to hand in what i had, rather then get deducted
for being late) anyway, so i was looking at some of the
critiques some of the other people handed in, to see how
long theirs was (thankfully a couple were only about 500
words so that made me feel better) well, guess what, some
one wrote about mine. i know that probably doesnt sound
like much, but i feel very inferior in this class. i feel
like everyone elses stuff is so much better then mine, and
to see that someone liked mine best made me happy. i know
by tomarrow, it will have worn off but, for the next feel
days i will have a little smile inside of me because of it

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