chevs life
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2002-10-25 02:51:03 (UTC)

Oh what a dull day!

"You wanna take me on? I'll take you on!"
(you'll find out about that one as you read on...)

Well for all of you who had lives today: thanks for
including me! I love you all too...Geez. No I'm just
bugging, I really don't care but like I've been sitting on
my butt in front of this stupid computer for 4 hours and
it's kinda starting to hurt :P

Hmm... well I suppose there's got to be something
interesting about my day. Lemme see:

Well of course it happened in Mr. Morin's class (Christian
Ethics this time)... that's where all the retarded stuff
happens! As for today - well this one tops all my other
stories. Mr. Morin was blocking the door so that we
couldn't leave until everyone picked up the garbage on the
floor (knowing him it was probably not a big mess, I never
really looked back to see exactly what he was squawking
about). So, Marko, probably in some effort to be cool or
push some buttons, tries to push by Mr. Morin which really
pissed him off (and I mean REALLY, his face was red and
everything) then he yells out to Marko, though Marko was
right in front of his face "You wanna take me on? I'll
take you on!" Funniest thing ever, man!

As for the rest of the day...
Well I guess is wasn't terribly eventful. Gym class was
pretty cool... we talked about diets with a nutritionist.
Somehow that conversation got to boobs or something like
that. I was kind of a bit lost but meh. French, well I
yelled at Mr. Morin not only because it's tradition but
because he was being a real jerk this time. He called me a
slut! (in french of course) because I had my feet up on my
desk. I guess it's not very ladylike or something like
that but like really! What girl actually is ladylike these
days??? Well that's about it for school!

At home...
Nothing, Nothing and more nothing! Hey, did you guys know
that they make those little Ritz cracker sandwich things
in smores flavor? I discovered that today, my sister gave
me one. Hahahaha. I watched Van Wilder for like the fifty
billionth time. Good quality movie, I tell ya! But ya, in
general, I've been sitting around over here all night. But
wait! How amazing, I think I'm supposed to go to
Donavon's! Thanks for thinking of me guys!!! I love you :)
but I gotta wait for Jess to get here before I can mosey
on down there so ya!!! But I'm gonna go now... I think you
get the gyst of my day... HAVE A GOOD ONE!!!