starting over
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2002-10-25 02:49:53 (UTC)

starting over

i have never been very good at writing down how i feel or
even keeping track of a diary, but i'm going to try to. i
have been told that if i start to write down my feelings
maybe i can understand why i do some of the things i do.

then again maybe i'm to old to do this? i can rembemer
being the youngest one in the crowd now i'm the oldest one,
how did that happen? i see what alot of my friends are
going through and i know what they are feeling and how hard
it was for me to deal with it, but then i can help them
with there problems but when it comes to mine i have no
idea what to do and sometimes no where to turn. i feel that
ican't talk to alot of people cause i hate to ahve someone
judge me for what i have done in my past, not for what i'm
doing now.