This life
2001-08-07 21:14:50 (UTC)

The body is weak....

and it ages as fast as the mind races. I am 35. That is
245 in dog years. Somewhere between a dog and a human
(closer to the dog) is where I sit and feel my body
deteriorate around me.

A bit over dramatic....yes. But God, it feels like there
is no way to get healthy again. Fat, asthmatic, bad back.
All three feed off of each other to hold me down. I try
eating right (diet) and I get sick. EVERY TIME. If I
start excersizing, I wipe out my back. EVERY TIME. So the
cycle of being FAT, getting depressed, eating more, getting
depressed because I'm getting fatter, start dieting /
excersizing, get sick / hurt, get depressed again..... Can
anyone see a pattern here????

So much for the great classic novel, just another bleeding heart
feeling better if it gets written down.