My so called Life
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2001-08-07 20:35:25 (UTC)

SOME people...

Hmm, let's see...

Well, the night before last night I stayed the night at my
friend's house, Courtney. Then last night as returning the
favor she stayed over at my house. UGH. She has such BAD
taste! We couldn't even decide on a good movie to rent, she
wanted all these.... odd, stupid movies ^_^' Me dad
couldn't stand going into my room becuase of her B.O.

When I went over there she didn't stink.... maybe she
forgot her deodorant o_O Oh well, going over to her house
killed me too! She played nothing but BOY BAND music, then
she came over to my house and I gave her a taste of REAL
music, and she couldn't listen to it! She didn't even pay
attention when I played a little bit of Final Fantasy! How
can your taste be so.... DULL? *flop*

I guess I'm leaving alot out, but my dad can't stand her.
He says she's too bold and has no manners. She's a great
friend though, I guess...

I'm sure alot of it has to do is that her parents never
spanked her when she was little, or let alone dissapline
her harsh enough! She walks all over her mom! But her mom
is a little.... odd, also. I guess such things run in the
family. How sad...

I never want to be like this.

*sighs* Sometimes I really wish I had a friend that I have
alot in common with and is as much of a friend to me as I
am to my friends....


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