Life as I know it.
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2001-08-07 20:25:58 (UTC)

these days

well needless to say I happen to just LOVE days like this.
I wake up and found a message from John saying he wanted to
go out to eat today cause he skipped outta work early, so
we went to Mad Mex for student halfsies...half off great
food, gotta love that. And John and I are going out
tonight too, he's paying, he wants to pick up men so its
all good, gets me outta the house ya know?

God I need money so bad. I hate going money collecting
from my friends but my friend Kristin owed me bout $40 and
my roommate Matt owed me $80 so im trying to get that back,
like im getting the $40 tonight from Kristin...and Matt I
think is giving me money before the end of this week. You
think I'd just get a job right? No way. IN three weeks
ill be getting a few thousand from Pitt. So why get a job
when i am going to get money? Im calling about some
research studies today though, actually when im finished
writing this. I take donations by the way dear diary
readers=0) I was thinking of what I had to ebay too. But
I hoard things like mad. Like girl who was subletting from
me left a lotta shit here so I might ebay some of that.
THe only reason I really need money is for bills and ciggs
i have food a plenty and going out drinking usually costs
me nothing. But I also want money for my social life, and
I want to get my hair streaked with dark brown like tiny
litle streaks and thats gonna run me $100 or so. BLAH.
Off to sell my body to science.