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2002-10-25 00:34:19 (UTC)

October 24, 2002 5:25PM (Thursday)

I go to Dahan Institute Of Massage Studies in Las
Vegas Nevada. I just got out of the second day of our
Special Populations class. We did Lymph Drainage today. It
was interesting. That's the best word to describe it,
I'm thinking about meeting with the owner of Dahan,
his name is Serge Dahan. Maybe I could get a job here
while I'm going through the whole licening process of
becoming a MT. Just an idea.
Anyways, it seems like there's something really wrong
with me right now in this point of my life. I'm not sure
whats going on in my little head but I'm gonna read and
pray tonight, I'll hopefully realize something before the
next time I post another journal entry. I have to go catch
the bus home. I hate taking that stupid bus. Oh well such
is life.