Pandora's Book
2001-08-07 20:05:10 (UTC)


Aug, 7 2001

"Don't even ask where I'm going!"
"Don't even imagine that I care!"

Last night I went to see Planet Of The Apes with Rachel. It
wasnt very good. I enjoyed seeing people being treated
inhumanly like we treat animals for a change. It really got
to me. Thats about the only reason I didnt get up an leave
the theatre!

Brad had wanted to go with me to see it.. but I didnt want to
go with him. SO I took Rachel. We had fun together.

Did I write about the fair? I cant remember. Well,
basically I had a crappy time. Brad wouldnt leave me alone
the whole night. He had called me and asked if I would pick
him up on my way (even though it was 10 min. out of my way!).
I said I would, but then I was talking to Justin and he said
that he would go get him! Thank you Justin! SO, I managed
to avoid Brad for most of the night.. he followed me around a
bit but I just ignored him. We went on like 2 rides
together. Then he won a stupid stuffed dog for me! Its very
cute, but I didnt want it! Oh well...

Im starting to feel like a slave taken for granted at work.
Everybody always asks me to go get lunch for them. I dont
mind getting it for Barb, the boss. She is in charge so if
she wants to send me out for 30 min. than she can. But
everybody else is starting to make me go get them food. I
may not have a very important position but I do have a lot of
stuff to do. Amy got me to go to Subway today.. I was gone
30 min. of company time. I feel kind of guilty... I mean, Im
not supposed to leave like that. Nobody besides me seems to
care though. And of course, they only ask me when the boss
is away! What if she came by? Would I get in shit?

Im very hot. Its like 35' here. So noce though! Oh, I also
saw The Princess Diarys a few days ago when I went to Ottawa
with Jen. We went shopping too! I want to get a long
sweater-jacket. She got one, it looks so cool! Oh, I also
have to get Blink 182's new CD. yeah, maybe tomorrow.

I ran into Ned today at Subway. He made me mad. He came up to
me finally! After a long time of trying to get his attention
from line. And he was like "Hi" then started to leave. I
was like "hey! Hold on! Dont we need to talk about TO?" Am
I the only one who is worried about this? And needs to get
things organised soon? We still dont have the train tickets
or hotel. ARG!


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