Fazzy's Memoires....
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2002-10-25 00:03:40 (UTC)


A few weeks ago i decided to format my computer...
Everything should of been a cake walk but... it wasnt....
For some reason everytime i installed windows 98 there
would be a missing file that would crash windows even
before it loaded up.... After some time i finnally got
around it... had to install windows 95 then upgrade to 98
in order for it to work... Stupid pc....

Then of course my modem aint working... it just kept
freezing my computer... =( sooo i just got high speed
internet and it works kinda goood... =)

Well i'll be on icq soooo... anyone out there wanna
message me.. go ahead.. i'm sooo bored...

Icq number = 28720660

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