the ups and downs of my life
2002-10-24 23:57:23 (UTC)

how do i not be shy? over joe finally!!

wel nothing really happend this week. i didnt go to
practice for basketball(which is open gym actually)
because i really didnt feel like it lol.

i had 3 tests stoday..i thnk i did good:)

i like this kid named joe p. but im not oging to tell
any of my friends cuase they will blab it. i am not even
telling them that i like someone cuase they will pester me
until i finnally give in. well hes in 2 of my
classes...hes a junior (im a sophmore if u didnt know)
hes really funny....i dont like him as much i like joe b
when iwas in 8th graade...i had this huge crush on him. i
liked him for like 5 years and finally after a year im
over him. i mean everyoonce in a while im like i guess i
still ike him a little but i think that will always be
there. at least i dont get all excited cuase hes around or
sad cuase hes not mine lol. hes still cute but thats all.
and i dont know bout his personality b/c i dant have any
classes with him. i think that helped me get over him

i still havent had a b/f yet. i think that main reason is
b/c im shy and so guys dont get to know me unless i feel
comfortable around them and those are ussaull the ones i
would only considwer as friends. but i mean grrrr....i try
to be open but every once in a while i get this
overwhellming feeling of being shy and im all quite and
stuff. i wish there was a pilll to be not shy. not to say
im not outgoing. i will do lots of things its just when im
around new people i sometimes get quietter amd dont talk
at all. its not like its just guys i like, its guys i dont
like and girls too. :/ got any suggestions to not be so

well i think thats all for now lol


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