Living Is a Hard Thing To Do
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2002-10-24 23:37:55 (UTC)

Tomorrow're only a day away

Tomorrow's Friday. I'm excited. Me, Matt and Erica are
going to 6 Flags and we're gonna meet Alex, Eric, Blake and
Chris up there. Plus, Megan and Michelle are gonna be there
but i dont know who they're gonna be with,so oh well. But
yeah, me and matt are all better now. I've never heard him
laugh so much. Considering I only listen to country music
and today i was talking about the Beasty Boys and I called
them the Meaty Boys...It was funny. And then I told him I
fell out of bed this morning and he thought that was funny
too. I'm going to see Brad Paisley on November 7th. I'm
excited because Chris Cagle's gonna be there too...It's
gonna be fun fun fun..But now must go because it's almost
time fer friends to come on..

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