you cant escape what makes you tragic
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2002-10-24 23:33:48 (UTC)

grr arg

Today I kept getting the feeling like I was getting on
everybody's nerves. I probably was. Right now I feel like
I'm the one track on your favorite CD that you hate. Like
I'm part of something really nifty and I've got what it
takes but I'm just...not.

Homecomming is the day after tomorrow and it's lame but I'm
gonna go. Dancing with my friends shall be fun and even if
it's not I'll just go home. Hehe my mum is bitchin' at me
b/c I told her that we HAVE to go to the mall to get my
shoes...that way I can get glowsticks too. Ooooooh! Rachel
needs to be called so I can see if I should get her some
too. I'm sure I do haha!

Shay is suuch a I don't even know. First she is horrible to
Jen then we aren't friends anymore but now she is totally
nice to me and even Jen is friends w/ her and thats why I
started hating her. It's so confusing. Shay was just so
damn rude and now it's like Opposite Day (referance to
Spongebob...we all know how well THAT turned out). Shay
asked me over to her house next weekend and I think I'll go
just to see whats up. I don't really mind not having her as
a friend but if she is making a genuine effort to be mine
again I don't want to just pretend like she's not there
(anymore then I already have).

Yikes I've got lots of h/w to do.