2002-10-24 23:30:58 (UTC)


I hadn't realized how long it had been since I'd written.
I've been busy. :-)

Now that three boys are no longer home, I've taken over the
smaller bedroom and turned it into my quilting room. Okay,
the big quilt frame is still in the living room, there are
still two closets full of boxes of my stuff and we won't
even talk about what's in the cupboards in the garage.
Still, there are now two closets emptied and there are no
longer books and fabric in the dining room.

John helped. Of course, he had an ulterior motive. He
wanted more room in the rest of the house. Fine with me!
He painted the room, painted a large old metal desk which
will work great for my sewing machine, put new electrical
outlets in, hung my bulletin board and built bookshelves to
my specifications in the closet. He bought me a desk
chair, a desk pad and and some other office type stuff.

I still have to put stuff up on the wall including a quilt
poster and my boxes of buttons and I've ordered a hoop type
quilting frame which I'll use in there for smaller quilts
but I no longer have to drag my sewing machine out, use it
and then put it away. It can stay out all the time. There
are also two dressers filled with old quilt tops and blocks
(although the cradle in the living room is still piled high
with more). I'm looking forward to spending time in there.

I've also begun volunteering once a week with Meals on
Wheels. I love doing this. The ladies (and one gentleman)
are just great even though they are all quite older than
me. I was surprised to learn that Ila, who I thought was
perhaps in her late 60's, is actually almost 80! That's
what being active can do!