Thoughts from Blue Angel
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2001-08-07 19:26:17 (UTC)

A Bag of Dog Food

Wow... Today, I decided to get myself motivated for my
last stretch of weight loss before I leave for college, and
boy, did I get motivated! I decided to take my measuring
tape and show myself just how big around I was when I
started out compared to now. The tape around my bust at
the length it was when I started wouldn't even have come
close to touching my body if something had been there to
hold it out! Even the little losses- like the half an inch
off my arm- showed up. Half an inch off your arm is more
than I thought it was!

I hopped on the scale. After spending so long just hoping
to get down to 169 completely naked and empty, I weighed
168 with my clothes and shoes on after eating lunch!!! So,
I got another idea. I went to the laundry room and pulled
out the huge bag of dog food we bought a few days ago.
It's still mostly full. When I got on the scale with the
bag, I weighed exactly as much as I did at the beginning of
this summer!

That means I've lost the weight of a bag of dog food! How
awesome is that? I'm so proud of myself right now. I
hadn't realized just how much or a different those few
inches and pounds had made!

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