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2001-08-07 19:21:48 (UTC)


I just realized it's been a long time since I've talked to
anybody on the phone. people call but I don't feel like
talking, so I tell them I'm busy. The only one I've talked
to is Joana. I'm spending the night at her house tomorrow.
Jay let her borrow his t.v. and his DVD because he went to
a wedding in some other state for a week, or something-or-
other. He's so sweet to her. She even dented his car hugely
when driving it and he didn't really even get mad. They're
the cutest couple. I have made my decision...I just can't
say what it is aloud. Because well...certain people might
read this diary. DAMMIT. (oh crap, I cussed) I must be
going insane. I feel like...well...nothing. I'm in a bad
mood. What a surprise, eh. Bah. Don't talk to me anyone.