2001-08-07 19:01:31 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
I might stay at Danny's for a week sometime during
this summer. I hope so. That'd be cool, wouldn't it. He's
like one of my best friends. But it's a six hour drive up
there, and then another six hours back. I dunno if my dad
would be willing to drive that much. He wants Danny to
spend the week at our house instead. But there's nothing to
do at my house, I don't even have an extra bed!
Question : what's the easiest way to tell someone you don't
love them?
There's no real way to tell a person who loves you that you
don't love them back without breaking their heart is there?
There isn't. So until someone finds a way I'm going to sit
in this chair and do a lot of thinking...ALOT. But then
again I have stuff to do today, i have to go work out at
the gym, and I have to go pick up the school uniform.
Goodness, I have to stop putting the fact that I need a
job, off. I'll get one next summer...I swear. I don't even
have a permit yet, which I need to get. I HAD the
application and then I lost it. Could you tell that I'm an
organized person? Shana's in Ohio for a couple of weeks,
seeing an Nsync concert or what-not. Isn't that lovely. I
want to go to the beach with Abz (Abby) sometime this week,
we're going dirt-biking Saturday (yes I know that's
awesome) with Jay and Joana, possibly Jonathon and Joseph.
I have that picture of me in the leather attire next to the
dirk bike at i think
it's hilarious. I didn't realize how I looked. I was going
for the Charlie's Angel's look. It didn't really work. I
got some new pics, but I don't feel like scanning them.
geeze, twelve hours driving, maybe I can bribe my dad. I
have friends with cars, but come on now, no normal teenager
has the attention span of twelve hours. (except
me) Ciao. I have nothing to say today...(yet)