JesS's SeCreTs...haha
2001-08-07 18:10:21 (UTC)

First entry!!!

Okies..this is my first entry....so I am having the most
boring summer ever sitting here at home day after day
babysitting my 5yr. old sister...(bummer)..I get the crap
beat out of me everyday..she is tough!...I wentthe other
day and put a payment on my guitar yay! I can't wait to get
it..M yfriend chris got an electric guitar..and neither one
of us play good yet and he goes..Hey Jess! lets start a
band! wut a dork! .....anyway...I wrote a coolies song last
night called (bumps&brusies)...here is the chorus......

(These are just bumps and brusies
your gonna make it thru
everybody's always picking on you...x2
Bumps&Brusies along the way
they happen everyday)
....I have the rest odf the song contact me if ya want it
but don't steal it!..I don't have a tune for it yet so it
is just lyrics...School starts in a few days..and the first
day of school I have a MICHELLEBRANCH concer that night!!!
oh! I can't wait and I got backstage! Ima lucky duck
haha..well thats all for now..so whoever is reading this
hope ya enjoyed!