Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
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2002-10-24 19:51:06 (UTC)

A Moment of Relief

Found out today that I will be getting my Bursary from the
SAAS today so I won't have to borrow any money from my
parents. Thats why I've been acting stranger than usual
these last few days. I hate getting help from anyone. Too
proud, just like my father. Now that I don't have to worry
about that I can go and do my Philosophy essay. Except I
can't be bothered doing that either. Lazy boy indeed I am.

So what's happened since the last update? Not too much I
can think of. Went to Christine's little "party", was
really boring and could only be described as a "Christian
Union Get together". There was so little drink to speak
of. Infact I think Ruth and I were the only ones who had
more than a few glasses of anything with alcohol in it.
And no matter how much I drank, I couldn't reach the
legless stage I normally would have achieved. I guess my
pride got in the way again since I wouldn't want to be the
only one there totally out of it. Well after Alexander
Court took what little will to be there out of me Ruth and
I headed to Glow where there was some amateur DJ contest
on and then Lottie was playing on her decks. It was lots
of fun except a fire alarm went off just after the winner
of the Contest was announced. Steven and his friend AD
found us in the Attrium and we all just drank some vodka
which I was happy to have brought along. Ruth cut me with
the razor blade she had brought along then she cut
herself. As that blood flowed once more it brought back
memories of things long passed and I liked it. The blood
washing over me like a calmess long overdue. I haven't cut
myself though since then. I must resist for I don't
deserve anything resembling happiness and thats what
cutting myself brings. We lost sight of Steven and AD when
we had got back into Glow so Ruth and I just danced to the
music that was being played for what must have been at
least a couple of hours. We may have found them again
afterwards but its hard to remember.

I miss my old friends, I want things to be the way they
used to be. But that can never be. The past is just that,
no point on dwelling on it. Life is taking another path
for me, might as well ride it out.

Apparently Steven and Colin are in trouble for playing
loud music and kicking that football of theirs about at
night. Jess got annoyed too, oh deary me indeed. The
porter received complaints form everyone around us about
it last night although the time when it all started makes
little sense since we weren't in till after 4am but it all
started around 2am. Some person who doesn't like us or
something probably did it. Thats how ludicrous this whole
situation is.

That pretty much all thats happened thats slightly
different over the last week or so so I'll give up now.

Till next time Space Kittens!