ryan YC schim

how ryans been doin lately?
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2002-10-24 19:49:59 (UTC)

mmm mmm good

my life is goin pretty swell now, i am talking each day
less and less to shy but it seems to be good, its like the
less i talk to her the less i have to worry, i know shes
gonna be alright, i mean i love her and i love talkin to
her but its easier talking to her less, of course there
are those times i wanna keep talkin to her n yah,
everything else seems to be getting better also, my mom,
my dad is still ehhhh but thats always gonna be like that,
well jus wanted to write somethin in here before i left, i
feel like im a good person again with not much to worry
about, so ill talk to everyone that reads this later k