Life of Joolz
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2001-08-07 17:54:51 (UTC)

Tuesday 7th August 2001

6.40pm-About time I wrote! I haven't had the chance this
month at all. Been so very busy I aint had a chance to
breathe, fart, nowt at all.
Just had bath and finally got on comp.

Anyway, I have just recovered from the weekend (again) and
this time no hangover. Not consumed alcohol much for 3
weeks now. Don't fancy it!! Very limited alcohol these days-
no more than 2 pub measures of anything. Am I turning into
a nun? Unlikely but feel better for cutting out too much
pre-dinner vino etc.

Had Paul Gail and two kids from Friday night 6.30 pm until
11.40 pm-yes nearly midnight on Sunday. I have never washed
as many dishes, cutlery, bath towels, glasses, never played
as many playstation games, internet games, downloaded as
much music in two days in my life.Never talked, never
vaccuumed as much, cleaned fetched carried cooked, and
worst of all stood over oven for 3 days in my life!!! It's
hard work having a family of four stretching three days but
the strange thing is I enjoyed it! (In strange spooky way)
It's nice knowing people wanna visit as they did appreciate
it and said thanks etc.
Saturday was good though as we had a good laugh and got a
takeaway, indian, pizza and chinese!! Played some music and
had go on playstation plus who wants to be a millionaire
game. Also downloaded some songs from Audiogalaxy for Gail,
then burnt them onto a CD for her. I also designed a jewel
case for her too.
Took the piss they did though on Sunday night, as Paul and
Gail went out at 8pm and expected us to babysit (the 9yr
old needs a lot of attention) and by this time I was
knackered with a thumping head. I hadn't ironed for work,
or eaten my meal after feeding them their meal, had a bath,
cleaned up-nowt. Told them I had to be up at 5.10am for work
and all.
Ron had to ring them twice on mobile to tell them to get
back as they said they'd be home by 9. Didn't get back till
10.30, still no ironing or meal etc coz Anna needed all my
attention. She was jumping up and down all time on settee
and arguing with John wanting her mum. John was just on
playstation all night.
Ron was annoyed and when the family finally set off at
11.30pm he agreed that next time he will set some ground
rules and tell Paul he must set off home no late than 6pm.
Didn't want to spoil the whole weekend at the last lap, but
it will be borne in mind for next time.

My head was busting and I didn't eat my meal at midnight
after all. Was up all night too with bad head and
exhaustion so rang work for days holiday on Monday. Felt
very jittery and heart was racing-could feel the blood
pumping in my neck-was 125 beats per min all day.
Thought I was going to have a heart attack and hadn't
slept at all Sunday night-was sat downstairs in darkness
trying to see if head and heart would go. (well not really
vanish-just reduce-ha ha), just didn't though. Think I was
stressed out to the limit as I felt very very weepy and
weak, as well as busting head. Finally slept at 4pm on
Monday afternoon for 2 hours, never got dressed either, but
went to work today. Got appointment with quack tomorrow
morning too. Was the first time I had house to myself coz I
had had workmen here prior to my mum visiting and then Paul
last weekend. In fact there's been some bugger here since last week
in June! Hmph!
So this past fortnight I have been working 5 days a week,
just done 5 weeks of decorating, and had company last
weekend and the one before. Ron and I have not had any
space at all, and he says it has affected me coz I have
lost weight and look run down-he said it's too much having
visitors two weekends in a row-and he's right. Ron rang for
day's holiday too and he looked after me by doing housework
and making me food as I was starving. We both hadn't had a
proper meal coz we were catering for other people all
My turn to go down to Bradford/Leeds anyway-am off there in
December for weekend. Will be nice to be waited on for a

It's raining here today and cool-weather's turned-it's been
a brilliant two weeks weatherwise, shame it aint gonna
continue. Hope it's hot for when we're off in August for a week-
finish work 24th of Auust. Yipee. off to Amsterdam on the Sunday,
back Tuesday, then relax rest of week. Lovely. Still haven't finished
bedroom yet-might do that between now and week off, then next project
is Vanessa's old bedroom-it needs transforming badly.

Got a ginny run from Focus at the weekend! It's a triangular wood
fram thingy and they absolutely love it! They eat the grass all day
and skip about and frolick when they jump about! Awwww-it's 5foot
long so plenty of room for them. So funny to watch. Sweetie keeps
putting her nose up Popsie's bum, making her kick her back legs out
and jump high in the air. Ginny run is in view of patio and kitchen
but no cats can get in or anything.
Had barnet cut Saturday too-looks quite funky or me-longish strands
on top and fringey bit, hi-lited blonde, and short wispy sides and
back-crown can be spiked up and out if I so choose-feel bit scalped
at minute but it's nice colour with blonde stripes-I think the
magnolia paint as been cut out now. Feels softer.

Vanessa's 20 today-god almighty, can't believe I gave birth 20 years
ago-where's the years gone? She came over on Sunday afternoon with
Andrew so I gave her her prezzie and card. Andrew hopes to move to
Birmingham in December and be promoted to junior technician. Good for

Work is still very busy with all these blinkin old gits claiming-must
be mad asking for a transfer to the Pensions service but at least it
will be nearer my home. Sick of travelling 26 miles a day to work
taking 2plus hours a day. Save on metro fare too-£42.00 per 4 weeks-
would be like a payrise. Can't wait. Could take up to a year or more
to get moved though, but will be worth the wait.
Ron has had a busy fortnight too, he had to go into work for last 2
Wednesdays and choose another day off as he had to meet the Deputy
Chief Executive of the CSA, Mike Isaacs for meetings. Fancy Ron
mixing with the top nobs-he still wore his hush puppies though and
didn't bother wearing owt different. Ron said he is dead laid back
chatty, not at all what he expected-not stuffy at all. Just a laid
back sorta bloke, like Ron I suppose-ha ha.

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