The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
2002-10-24 19:17:50 (UTC)

Things are starting to look up

I think my hearts finally starting to mend. Thats a good
thing right? Yeah Im finally admitting to myself there are
other girls. Ive admitted to myself I dont need her. Im
gonna be happy. I want to be happy. If that means letting
go then hell Im all about letting go. There are some hot
girls in school. Yeah I met one really beautifal girl
today. She seemed really cool but I didnt get her name and
she didnt get mine. Oh well. Im starting to enjoy myself
again which is good. This was sort of a relaxing week
cause I didnt have to go to work. Im just gonna take
things as they come. Im feeling good about myself and I
havent felt good about myself in quite awhile. I dont this
whole thing has just been gnawing at my soul and Im just
tired of waiting for a girl who doesnt love me anymore. I
know I wont forget her but I cant let it bug me anymore. I
cant let seeing a picture of us together break my heart. I
just have to let her go. So Im letting go of trika. I
dont need her anymore. I will always love her but I love
her enough to let her go. So good bye and so long to a
friend who I never talk to anymore.

Laters people.


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