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One Thing 'Bout Music When It Hits Y
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2002-10-24 18:54:08 (UTC)


The past week has been a blast. Every week seems to
be a blast now a days. I have been having so much fun.
Boyfriends can be a bitch... but see i have this one...
his name is Jason Bauer. He is like none other. We have
been together for 5 monthes as of this last friday... and
everything is going great so far.
I met him through my friend Glenn. There was a while
there where i basically lived at this guy Caseys house
with my friends Krissy and Glenn who were dating at the
time. I introduced them. I wasn't literally living
there, but i might as well have been. Anyway, Glenn and i
had been friends for a while and he always told me about
his younger brother, then he told me he had to take me to
this apoptygma berzerk concert. I almost didn't go, but
at the last minute i changed my mind. I went. His
younger brother jason was there. Jason liked me but i
didn't much feel the same way. He came back in Caseys car
and sat next to me, and i fell asleep so nothing would
happen. When i woke up, our legs were touching.. the
kinda touching where you can feel the heat eminating in
the regious that is touching... the body heat magnified.
Yeah... it was awful. Then he asked me if could kiss
him. I said yes cuz i didn't know how to say no... and we
kissed. I was disgusted and wasn't feeling it much. He
proceeded to call me and i proceeded to avoid his calls
for the remainder of the week. The next time i saw him, i
realized what an awesome person he really is, and i gave
in. We have been together ever since.
We went through a lil troubled time and actually broke
up for a lil less then a week when he was having mood
spasms but now i think its all cleared up thank god!!!
He came up along with Maurese who is one of my
bestest friends and the funniest person ever. We tweaked
and stayed awake all weekend. Friday night my friend Liam
put down a whole bag of pills and the 4 of us, and my best
friedn from highschool, August, we all rolled the night
away. Next day, no sleep. Had work, worked, got picked
up, went home... then SAGA PARTY IN JERSEY. I love the
Saga underground raves. We had so much fun. I got
balloons, and i was fairly tweaked... and i drank a shot
or two, and hung out with my friends listening to good
music around the campfire. It was priceless.
Sunday, i drove to china, back to tibet, andthen
stayed @ jasons where i just about passed out, then i left
for school the next day.
This week has been kinda melancoly. Midterms and
such. Went to Automatic on Tuesday night for sams
birthday. Went with Chris who i hadn;t seen since last
year when we proclaimed our feelings for eachother rolling
face. We had a good time... drinking, tweaking, balloons,
smoking the pots and pans... ahhhh it was a nice way to
break up the night...
I have a new roomate. The last one left. We didn't
get along so well. This new one... we get along quite
well. I like her a lot. I am pretty excited to let this
one unfold. WE have been having a blast so far though. I
am off. that is my week in rock