Thoughts arrive like butterflies
2001-08-07 17:09:43 (UTC)


Sorry, I'm just afer attention...I'm bored

*Attention Seeker*
Well, anytways, today I got a new summer job...Fuck Yeah!
Only working at the tattoo shop...that I always work at,
but that's not the point.

OMG...I'm..nervous about it too...I'm so pathetic..
It's for three weeks, 10:30-5, so I wont be online as
much..but hopefully I'll be getting more money...So I can
buy some boots to wear when I go see Manson, and because
I'm short, if I get some high ones, hopefully I'll be able
to see him...I hope so.

Back to the topic of sex...WHEN...

I want it now..
I'm so unloved...
Yes, I'm too young, but i'm not too young to have a
bofriend, but I don't have'm just pointless.

I'm never going to ammount to anything.Everything I do is
I'm so pointless