Welcome to MY wOrLd
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2002-10-24 17:17:00 (UTC)


Malyssa and I worked our first full shirt at D&D last
night.. It was fun... The trash dumpster thingy fell on
top of me and cut my leg.. haha.. We had a few visitors..
Dale.. and Max Joey and Tommy came by.. So it was nice..

Well tomarrow night tricia is coming up and we should have
alot of fun! And Max's hot friend Greg is coming up.. haha
Sat. is Max's birthday and we are giving him a surprise!
and Saturday is also the day i go home because the boyz
have a show.. im kinda really excited for it.. i hope i
see everyone there

So get this.. i had a dream that i heard Chris (who sings
for the band) singing this one song.... and today i found
out they are covering that song.. haha i think thats
really really wierd.. haha but i have class so ill talk to
you later.. tonight is tv night!!!!!!