Thoughts to Share
2002-10-24 17:15:30 (UTC)

apparently not

I just had an entry typed, accidently clicked on a
link...and yep, all gone. Grr...apparently I was not
supposed to be typing a journal entry.
Here's a quick summary of what I lost:
-It's a rainy day.
-I'm confused, frustrated, yet in some things I'm very
content to go with the flow right now.
-School-not 1 of those things.
-Biochemistry is evil.
-Fall is definitely here.
I have 3 exams next week. Tell me how fun that should be.
Staying here this weekend to study. Ha. Study...and have
some fun too. ;-) Going to see Bye Bye Birdie. Pretty
excited about that b/c I've never seen it.
Meeting with the biochem professor tomorrow. He's not
scary, but it'll still be scary.
Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday. I need about 2 weekends
a week. By Wednesday...it is always time for a weekend. :-p