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2002-10-24 17:06:52 (UTC)

What i'm thinking

Another day has almost come and gone and i still miss him
no matter what. He lites the fire in my heart and strikes
a pose in my mind, he is everything to me. although my eyes
have never seen his gorgeous eyes, i can only imagine what
they look like. Lying next to him listening to his heart
beat, staring into his eyes and feeling his breath on my
neck. I would only dream of such things until they came
true. i have met this person that i describe in my diary
entries. This tall canadian guy who stole my heart the
first time i talked to him, who made me laugh on the phone,
these qualities are rare in a person, but i need look no
more b/c i found mine and he will always be mine until the
end. :) And he knows who he is!!