Thee Sandman

Thee Sandman
2002-10-24 16:49:56 (UTC)

10.24.02 alot of dreams: Grandpa

I was listening to my Grandfather tell me stories of when he
was young and how he helped to create a great drug that
greatly benifited humankind. Then I was with him, back in
the 1930's, most everything was in black and white. He was
married to my Grandmother but she had kicked him out until
he could get a job. He knew that what he was working on was
too important to quit, so he continued experimenting. he
was working on it with two other guys. they were all thin
from not being able to eat enough. Grandpa, was being
chased, i dont know why, and he climbed over a fence, and
there was a lion, he got back over the fence before the lion
could attack him, and in the process he got the final
ingrediant he needed for the creation of this new drug. I
went to see how they were doing. The three of them were in a
little ground floor office, one was sleeping on a cot,
another in a chair and the last on a very short couch.