life is just a poker game
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2001-08-07 16:51:32 (UTC)

some days are just good...

Woke up this morning early because the new landlord called.
she said i can sign the lease tomorrow (woohoo!) and pay the
rent...which turned out to be less than i expected. they're
being really fair about this whole thing - the deposit was
1/2 months rent; no pet deposit; etc.

So, Tray got home about 8:30 this morning and looked like
absolute shit. Said he did shots of whiskey last night -
warned me not to do that - hah, I can't STAND whiskey. The
smell of it makes me want to puke. Anyway, I'm suprised he
didn't kick somebody's ass - whiskey makes him pissed off.
Poor guy - he really looked like hell.

So tonight I'm going to Adrianna's to look at her furniture,
then rugby practice at 6:30. Then I'm either going to play
EQ (gotta get my fix in before I don't have a computer) or
pack. Gah, I wish this whole packing thing was over. It's
painful going through memories. So, what do I have left to
pack? 1. The Closet of Mystery (who KNOWS what's in here);
2. Clothes (need to do laundry first); 3. Kitchen Stuff
(going to do this Thursday); 4. Bathroom Stuff (going to do
this Sat. morning).

The ruggers volunteered themselves to help me move. WOohoo.
Guess as their reward I'll give them some beer (heh).
Shouldn't take too long, though. Heidi, Kiwi, Laura, Tidd,
Martha, and Gray all said they'd help. (Take a box apiece -
we're done!). And Heidi and Laura both have SUV' no
need to hire a U-Haul (I'll spend the $$ on beer instead).

Wed. night I'm going with Adam to his show. Fri. night I'm
going to stop by Bailey's for a bit and meet Kiwi's lab
people. Granted, it's not going out every night. But, it's
better than the previous two weeks...which have sucked
absolute donkey ass.

And, it's funny. Suddenly Tray's talking about doing all the
things I used to nag him about. I'm happy for him - and I
hope he sticks with it and does what he says he's going to
do. A part of me wishes he would have started doing things a
few years, ago, though. Ah well. You can't change the past,
only the future. He's a great guy. If he gets himself
straightened out he'll make someone a great life partner
(I'm the second girl he's been engaged to that I know of;
don't think he ever wants to get married).

As much as I love him, and as much as I like him, though,
there is no way we will ever be more than friends. We've
seen too much of each others bad sides, I think.

Anyway, I go do stuff now.