listen to my silences
2002-10-24 15:16:49 (UTC)

he hee i told you that you wouldn't find out

tomorrow's going to rock! i can't wait. i'm taking brodie
out for his birthday. yeah, it was on the thirteenth but i
didn't have a car then so i couldn't do it. i have to go
to my first class tomorrow but i'm skipping my last one.
he's going with me so we can leave right afterwards. it
takes about two hours to get there from here, so about an
hour and a half from uofl. it's going to rock. but i
can't write on here where we're going in case he still
reads it. he hee if you do i told you that you wouldn't
find out. the funny thing is about everyone knows except
him. but they won't tell him that they know and they won't
tell him where we're going. and not everyone knows so
he'll think they all do or think some do who don't. he hee
you're not going to find out.

so yeah i'm excited. it's going to be great.

final thought: i love this.