2001-08-07 15:55:55 (UTC)

August 7, 2001

I was cut off last time, so I didn't get to write down what
happened the rest of the weekend. So, on Saturday I hung out
with my parents and that was good. We went grocery shopping
and had quality time. That night I went with Dae, Duvinh,
Mike and Lovelyn to Ate Anne's place. Hieu met up with us
there. We spent the first part of the night taking shots and
playing card games. That was a lot of fun for all of us.
Then the rest of the night the girls took over the table and
had a good talk about a lot of things. Hieu and Lovelyn made
up and that was really good. At least now there is no more
beef between them. Sunday was a crappy day for Hieu, but I
managed to make her feel better for part of the day. Hieu
and I went to San Marcos to go to Will's house. We met Berm
there since she was already in San Marcos. She ended up
going home early though, because she had to work on
homework. Hung met up with us too, and we were going to go
to dinner. We ended up just getting Mexican food and going
back to Will's place. Then we just watched TV the rest of
the night. His parents are really cool and I hope that we
get to know eachother more so that they like me. Hung was
being an ass that night and I swear it looked like Hieu was
going to kill him...... well if she wasn't I was going to.
But he did redeem himself later that night..... so I have to
give him credit for that. After Hieu and Hung left, Will and
I kissed and it was great. I really like him a lot......
geez, it just really sucks that I'm leaving soon. I hope
that it isn't affecting the way that he feels for me. I
don't know I should talk to him..... put everything out on
the table. Anywho, later that night Hieu managed to give
herself a slight concuscion. That's when Hung took care of
her and brought her home safely. I spent the rest of the
night calling her to make sure that she stayed up. Yesterday
afternoon I hung out with Hieu and ran some errands for Ray
and we stopped by the pool so that Hieu could get her wallet
from Hung's car. Then that evening I went to the Rat Race
premier with Dae and Duby. It was a funny movie, but a total
rental. Life is being kind to me right now and I'm happy
about it. I hope that it continues to go that way for the
rest of the summer.