Scenes from a Marriage
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2001-08-07 15:43:06 (UTC)

Tuesday, August 7th

Well, I dropped the bomb last night that my lawyer is out
of town and I cannot change the court date for next week.
He freaked out, he said that I was just trying to screw him
and he couldn't believe I had lied to him that I would take
care of things. I told him that I had no proof the baby is
not his and I have to look out for Ben and I's financial
future. He said it was a bunch of crap that if it is his,
it is not going to cost me anything, but that is not true,
it could cost me a great deal. So, now he is going to
hurry up and call the lawyer to see if the results have
come back yet or not. He says he is not going to show up
in court and they can just do whatever they want, but I
find it hard to belive that he would just go quietly away.
But, pubic aid said in the papers they want a record of
everything that is held jointly and that means our house,
our cars, everything.

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