One hell of a life
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2002-10-24 11:53:53 (UTC)

10-24-02 entry one

Damn it's thursday...the week's passing so fast. Tomorrow
we're going to Stage again, Lois, Vivian and moi. Can't
wait to see the guys, miss them already.

Last night dad got a little mad at me...parent/teacher
interviews, no big surprise there. But then we had this
long talk about universities and stuff, and i managed to
take his mind off what the teachers said by distracting him
with loads of questions about university and his
experiences. Seemed to work, he left with a happy face.

Lois came over today. Got the pics developed. They were all
pretty crap, so we tried scanning in some funny ones to
mess up but my scanner is "not connected". Piece of crap. I
tried fiddling with some wires round the back but ended up
practically electrocuting myself. Instead, I decided to
stick the pics in some scrapbook and make a memory of them.

Actually on Friday there's supposed to be some Halloween
party goin on for Danielle's birthday, but since we dont
really know her we're just dropping in to say hi then
leaving to go to Stage, and maybe O'malleys. I dont think
we'll make it there, gotta be home a little earlier tonight.
And no drinking for me!!!

I'm excited, finally christmas is coming up. We're moving
soon, into the huge new house, my room's bigger than my
mom's. Anyway i get a joint balcony and everything, and
(best of all) a puppy. Golden retriever. I hope.

Can't wait till school's out - finally some rest. Not that
i've been working hard but...i'm gonna have to; lois and i
gotta be seperated for all our lessons, apparently we talk
too much, hahaha.

Anyway, i need to do something with my hair, and i need to
find a bra to wear with my halterneck.

Anyway, gonna go, write more later.

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