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2001-08-07 15:05:41 (UTC)

new guy in my life

It's been a LONG time since I have made an entry. Last I
wrote I was having difficulty in the relationship with my
boss and I. Things haven't been exactly solved, but I have
moved on to others. I tried to move out of my current bf's
home. Didn't work out quite like I had planned it. Not
that I thought I actually get by with it. So, I'm back
living with him, but I have been dating this other guy.
Well, not really "dating" ,we've only seen each other on
two occasions, one of which we were surrounded by our
friends. Well last night (which was our second "date") we
were supposed to go to the movies, only we didn't get the
times worked out accordingly. I ended up watching the
movie alone (Rush Hour 2-Good). I was not mad because I
understood the confusion, but could call him, for I had
lost his number. Right as I was leaving the theatre I was
notified that I had a phone call (I also am a manager at
the same theatre, which is why they happen to know who I
am). It was my date, he was confused, as I figured he
would be, and was sorry he missed it. So, we decided to
meet for dinner. We met (around 9pm) and ended up talking
all night. I met a part of him, that I didn't during our
first encounter (with the friends). I was actually happy
about the way the night turned out. After our first date,
I was skeptical of going out with him, but after I let him
know that I had a son and he still seemed interested, I
decided to take another chance at it. I'm very glad I
did. He's great. But anyway, over our conversation during
the night the internet (of course) came up. Well we
exchanged yahoo id's and a while after I got home, I looked
him up. I wrote him an e-mail and when I mailed it was
very surprised to find he was on-line. Well we spent the
rest of the night chatting on-line (it was kind of awkward
at first, but as soon as the silence was broke, it was
great). Anyway, I am so excited about this. I just hope
that I don't end up being my typical self and breaking his
heart. Anyway, I just had to tell someone about my night.
I now need to sleep after being up all night, just talking
of course ;) lol Bye for now!!!! :)

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