My So called crapy life
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2001-08-07 14:17:44 (UTC)

August 6th 2001

well yesterday when I got home from practices I checked my
voice mails/ missed calls I got when I was running my my
girlfriend (missy) called me and she left me the sweetist
messages. I miss her soo much and the hole day I really did
nothing till 6 I wint to a fair (reading (reding) fair) it
was fun I wint on every ride (even the baby ones!) I wint
with my friend dave and his family, and well this one is
late today I always do it at night but I didn't get time to
I was to bissy talken to ppl and I forgot so I'm doing it
now. after I got home from the fair about 11 at night my
girlfriend missy called my home line! and I got to talk to
her! she is at vollyball camp and she will be home on the
9th of this month and it's the 7th today yay she is coming
home soon, well that's al lI really got to say sorry its
short today if ne one reads it....

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