down in my eyes
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2002-10-24 06:09:55 (UTC)

Everything must go.

"Take it all, so I’m left with nothing at all.
Have it all, cuz I’m learning how to fall,
Yes I’m learning how to fall."

-Trust Co.

"I wish I knew the words I needed to say"

-Save Ferris

Dear _______,

Everything must be let go of, sometime. Nothing lasts
forever. Everything has to end, at some point.
So, I'm letting go. This isn't easy for me, at all.
Infact, it's probably one of the hardest decisions
Anyone has to be faced with- letting go of someone
that means Everything, to them.
But, I know this is the wisest decision, for me.
I don't want to hurt, anymore. I don't want to cry,
anymore. Not over This, anyway. I'm tired of trying
soo hard. 'N it hasn't even done a single thing.
Your Ignorance is furthur Blinded by a false beauty.

An option i have, is to wait. But i don't want to
care anymore. I'm TIRED of caring soo much, when you
seem to not care at all. Maybe you truly don't.
not anymore. DO you..? Inside your heart?
But if you don't, there's not a single thing in the
Whole world i can do, to change you back again.

Just know, I miss you. I miss the old you. I almost
thought i'd give up Anything to have back... the Deep,
Sweet, Genuine, 'n Open person, you were.
But you are not real, anymore. You're now blinded by,
with the sight of a cold hearted individual.
I only wished you would have Woken up, 'n Opened up
your Heart, again.

Anyway, I'm proud of your progess, in other ways.
I feel like i've watched 'n raised you, as you've come
So far, since i first met you.
But, I KNEW you could do it. I had Faith in you, I
STILL do. Don't let your guard down, You're a Strong
person, 'n I KNOW you can accomplish whatever you put
your heart to.

What else can I say? Okay,... ONE LAST time. I Promise.
I Miss you, already. But you're hurting me too much.

I have noothing more to say.
Should I gush more about how much you mean to me?
I think not. You, of all people, should know how i'm
not much of an expressive one...

Goodbye, my dear.

Sincerely yours,

-janice lim

"When you close your eyes now
Are you Satisfied?
When this is all over
There will be
Nothing left"