aLL mY SeCReTs
2001-08-07 13:03:04 (UTC)

DaY 1

Mood: Im Bored at the moment
Music: Jagged Edge - let's get married

Well hello diary,
Even though your broadcasted over the whole internet. I
think I can still tell you anything. Today Luci left for
Queensland. Witch is good i guess because we are fighting.
She's my cousin and well, i spose i cant avoid her forever,
but its Hayden really, if he wasnt such a stupid little
cocksucking wanker, we'd still be friends. Four days till I
go to Sydney, you see my parents are going over seas with
Luci's and other peoples, so i've been shipped off to
Grannys! yeehaa what fun. Im gonna miss everyone, even
though its for 2 weeks, 2 weeks what am i saying, it will
go so quick. I'm gonna miss Todd heaps, and talking to
Renee, owell cant have it all. Well i have media tomorrow
and an outdoor ed project due, but Griff (my teacher, Mr
Griffen, but we call him Griff) wont mind if its late, by
the time he does i wont even be there...teehee, well

p.s Everytime i think about writing in my diary, i think
about the book Go Ask Alice. You know, starts off with her
and her diary, then she OD's, well its okay im not gonna...
nighty nighty sleep tight