Bipolar - Fucked up
2001-08-07 12:42:35 (UTC)

confused sex fiend

i have been so confused lately, and horny at that. i dont
know what ive been thinking, well i know what ive been
thinking, like a slut.basically.like i realised that after
i hit my fifteenth guy in a public bathroom fucking every
which way, and then turning around and holding on to the
handicap bar while he jammed his dick up my ass, well that
part was kinda fun...anyways.then the next day i fucked my
friend a guy i ussually fuck that i like and he likes me
that ive known since 8th grade and now im a senior...and
that was all good, but then i went to the rink with that
guy and ended up hookin up with some guy that i didnt even
know, and the guy i was with got so pissed and i felt bad.
oh well just another one of my fuck up moments.im bored,
last night i was so horny, i was on the phone with this
kid, and i had like really really good phone sex with him
b4 b/c he wouldnt really have sex b/c he had i mean has a
gf and i never had phone sex that was that good, that i
mean really really got me off.but damn, that was good, and
so was last night,and him and his gf are having problems,
so we might hook up, yeah!im listening to that song love
you down by INOJ, its really good,its mine and my ex-gfs
song, theres a whole story behind that.damn, she was a good
time if you know what i mean. one time when i was fighting
with my mom, and she came over i had myself locked in the
bathroom, and i let her in and i locked the door and some
stuff happened, and i dont know how but i forgot to put my
underwear back on, and my mom found them...thats how she
found out i was bi..."giggles"...well im gonna get goin. if
anyone wants to talk my email is [email protected], or you
can im me at
BuriedDreams2, well imma get goin.cya. much love.---michelle