My Journal...sorta lol
2002-10-24 04:33:35 (UTC)

gaaaaayyyyy 10-23

Wow this day sucked ass lol I mean it wasn't like horrible
just uneventful... I woke up at like 12:30 (which was like
the highlight of my day lol jk) and then cleaned my room
like whoa! I mean this thing is SPOTLESS... it took forever
tho... yea so then I make supper for my family (chicken
fajitas yuuuummmy) and then they get home and eat that and
then I go directly to work... we got a new kid at work
named Brandon, he seems cool and hes a good worker and shit
so its all good... and then Dan came in *sigh* i take it he
wanted to see ash so yea that was uneventful but he did
tell me that tasha's gunna work for me tomorrow so i can go
watch his game which is good.. its fun to watch him play
sports yah think it wouldnt be but oh it is hehe especially
if someone has music cuz then you can dance lol yea so then
im just chillin at work in the back drinkin my cherry coke
and im like to brandon, john, josh and ash "ahhh cherry
coke nectar of the Gods... does anyone else love this shit
as much as i do?" lol yea thats right i said nectar of the
Gods hehe anyway so then ash says ohh cherry coke you just
like it cuz dan does or something to that affect and im
like "ok now thats gay seriously thats fucking gay" and i
walked off... that pissed me off so much I HATE it when
people tell me oh you only do this cuz someone else does
and shit thats like one of my pet peeves grr... its like i
have my own mind and im not gunna be a follower and do shit
just to please someone.. yea so that got me mad lol now ash
probably thinks i hate her which i dont! shes the best!
anywho so then angie tells me to go on break and bam! marky
marc walks in and im like yay hehe so he chills with me and
chris on break and we come up with a nickname for josh...
Mr A lol cuz at first we were like hmmm what do we call him
and marcs like retarded and chris is like mentally retarded
but we cant say that so i say mr! (or mister) so then like
ash comes by the door and so does josh and im like hey
mister and chris is like ash and josh thought that we said
mister ass and i asked if i could call him that and he said
i dont think so but then im like how about mr A and hes
like ok so yea lol thats that...and then me and john got to
talkin about Christmas! woo hoo! me and him are gunna start
thinkin about the party and how to arrange secret santas
and whatnot im so excited! i love Christmas heck I love
every holiday hehe this party is gunna rock more then last
years i promise hehe anywho so yah now my throat started to
hurt a while ago i think im getting sick blah!! oh well yea
so now im gunna go out somewhere with v-dawg hopefully bri
and bry will be there so i can get baked lol jk! i dont do
that i swear :-)
peace out love yah! XOXOXO

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