I dunno
2001-08-07 12:03:48 (UTC)

Up Early

It's about 8 in the morning i just got up, for a while
there i only sleep during the day i dont know what was
wrong with me. but today i got up early. Tom and Megan were
fighting again today like they do everyday, it seems like
you just cant have fun when there togetgher. I duno what to
do about them anymore, i cant take sides when they fight
cuz there both my friends. Me and Eric are sapossed to go
to the mall today, i hope we do, i wanna put in an
application at Hot Toppics, even though its a pretty trendy
store it might be a cool job. I dunno I just need to get a
job.Today is Megan's moms birthday so she cant do anything
i dont think. Yesterday Megan Eric and me wnt down (hehe)
to the brigde and she wrote some stuff on the wall just to
be funny and tommy got pissed and fucking acted like he was
gonna leave, but we all knew he would'nt really, he just
drove around the block and came back and started fighting
with Meagan.Meanwhile Eric and me just sit around doning
nothing as ussall, Everyday is begining to be the same.
Just watching tom and Meagan fight, I'm really getting
tierd of it and i dopnt understand why there even together.
But who am i to say anything. Anyway its just me and eric
today so i hope we have fun doing something. it'll be
pretty cool if i get this job.Welp im out later bitch

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