Looking for Sean
2001-08-07 11:12:12 (UTC)

better than a hole in the head

I was considering changing my diary title to 'hole in the
head', or 'hole in my head' might be more appropriate but
ofcourse I got all sentimental and self conscious about
this whole diary thing, but really what should I care, I
mean its not like I'm really revealing anything anyway and
its only my third entry now for goodness sake. Geez I'm
hopeless. But hey how are you?

I have to go back to uni tomorrow. I've been sick, had the
flu - not very pretty, but now I have to go back, stress
myself out and catch up with stuff that doesn't mean much
to me anymore. Well I guess it is better than a hole in the
head. I don't know. My horoscope said it was to be life
altering week this week ... OFCOURSE ... just like every
week *she says rolling her eyes* but YES I am one of THOSE
people, crazy and superstitious, although I hope I'm not
one to take it too seriously. Actually I have just decided
to try and stop apologising for everything I do and who I

Hmmmmm like thats going to last.