Pure, White and Cold
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2001-08-07 07:26:15 (UTC)

As False as the Summer Snow


Yay! That Son-of-a-Bitch finally returned DoE and Nadia's
reading it right now!!!! Currently reading "Eye of the
World", its a bet we had. Kinda. But she hasn't even got up
to the part where Mara meets Lujan and his Grey
Warriors.... or Arakasi. She can't understand my obssession
with the fella. I'm not that great either; after two weeks
I've only read chapter one of EoW. Normally a book that
size takes me two days to finish.

I'm so tired, I stayed up late to do my assignments, I'm
alsways doing assignments in a rush nowadays. I don't mean

Downloaded the manga scans for Rurouni Kenshin and all this
other anime stuff (CLAMP). Kenshin is so cute! I love his

Also have the fist few chapters of Angelic Layer. I can't
stand the way they walk!!! They're WIGGLING for crying out
loud! It's so annoying!!!!!!!!! I like Icchan though, he's
so wierd but funny. I like what he says to the girl; "you
shouldn't talk to strangers" while everyone around is
whispering: "he must be a pervert."

I saw Yue in CardCaptorSakura!!! Well, I mean, the scanner
has finally gotten up to the part where Yue is. I like him
the best... He looks so sad.

Angelic Layer:

Rurouni Kenshin:


Another small and insignificant note: I found another
similarity between Arithon and Kamui; they both HEIGHT
deprieved! Arithon is only 5'6 (165cm) and Kamui is.. well,
He's the same height as Yuzuriha and she's only fourteen. I
imagine that she's the same height as me; roughly 160cm.

WAS lsterning to:
* Crono Cross: Time's Scar
* And some namelss midi's

* Tired
* Slighty obsessed (tell me when I wasn't)

* Eye of the World (I'm being forced! R. Jordon)
* Taming of the Shrew (School; W. Shakespeare)
* Peril's Gate (Re-reading; J. Wurts)

Current Obessions (roughly in order):
* Arithon
* Calum Kincaid (!!!)
* Arakasi (worn off a bit)
* Loony Loopy Lupin (yeah..)
* Kenshin (the eyes... the eyes)
* Yue (slightly)
* Icchan (slightly)

To Do List:
* Relax
* Rest
* Read

I feel like a philoshoper, most of the time I'm way off the
target, but some times I hit the nail on the head.

BTW --- Taronga is the most boring-est book I've ever
read. We studied it for English before Will's TS, it was
horrible, the plot was so darn boring (who cares about Ben?
He's a selfish jackass who deserves to die) and the ending
was so predicable. I hate that in books!!!

Finished Vagrant Story. It was kinda cool. I think what
happened at the end is that Ashley watches through the eyes
of Sidney as Sidney gets stabbed by his father, but at the
very end, Ash takes on the form of the girl, Merlose, to
avoid trouble with the guard. That's just what I thought.
I like the guy who dies, um.. what'shisname... Sidney's
faithful henchman, the one the Duke's son likes alot.

My friend wants to borrow Oni. Nadia borrowed it but it
wouldn't install on her computer, I don't know if it'll
work on this other computer.

This is a short entry.