Reinhardt boy

A funny thing called life!
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2002-10-24 02:16:15 (UTC)

Makes me HappY

MY girlfrind makes me happy. And she is great. she doesn't
suck. Things are good right now. i guess if there is it
something i don't know of. I am not going to type much
right now becaise i have to many multi tasking. SUnday was
our 1 month thingy. she Got me some cool ear rings i love
them i can ware them at work that is so cool. it was the
greatest gift. she thinks i hate her but she knows i don't
i think if that makes since. I am not your mom. It is so
wird i never wanted to spend so much time with one person.
i can not type damnit. its crazy but i like it. well i cant
thik of any thing to say right now.

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