Living Is a Hard Thing To Do
2002-10-24 02:03:51 (UTC)

two weeks tomorrow

Yeah, so tomorrow, me and Matt will have been together fer
two weeks. It's going ok..last night we had an argument
because he thinks that i dont trust him. I do though, i
trust him sooo much that it almost scares me. I do, however
get jealous. I know that i get jealous, I just dont want us
to break up. So...i called him today and we agreed that we
need to stay together. He was like 'i'm smiling right now
and i dont know why...and i cant just push that to the
side' I like the boy. He makes me smile. We're going to 6
flags on Friday to see blake's band. Erica now likes
Alex...he's a cutie too, but he's no mr. matt. I'm just
glad we worked it out because i know it's only been two
weeks but i would have definitely been upset if something
would have happened...I now have to go. I'll write more
when I know me and matt are good..bye bye

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