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2002-10-24 01:58:11 (UTC)


I met him through Cutie Pie Andrea. I was haveing a party
and needed some bands to play. He was the drummer of this
band called The Vomits that Andrea had told me about. She
said that Jahaziel was her Ex-boyfriend and that she would
ask for me. I got 7 bands for the party and was just
waiting for the OK from The Vomits. Andrea gave me
Jahaziels Screen name so that i can give him the
information about the party. We talked online for a while
and when i found out that Andrea wanted to make out with me
i was like hell yeah. Then i figured hey we should do a
three way kiss. Might as well, theres gonna be some beer,
and drugs, might aswell add the sex part. Yeah i know,
kissing isnt sex, but it might lead to it. Well i asked
Jahaziel(Jay) if he was down for the underground and he was
like yeah. After that he just started to sound cute. He was
a drummer. And im a drummer. Hes in to punk. Im into punk.
and he was down to do the three way. well the party was
happening and the vomits didnt show up and andrea didnt
show up. but it was cool. THere was still some beer, drugs
and some other cute guys. After the party that got shot up
i still talked to Jay. He started to call my house, and
then things started happening where i wanted to fuck him
and he was down to be my fuck buddy. We met we fucked like
14 times the first day. Then i kinda got to into him and
freaked out. He asked me out the next day and as of 9-9-01
we have been together ever since. Fucking and all. Its all

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